Dr. Isabella Alcañiz is an Associate Professor and the Associate Chair of the Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland (UMD). Professor Alcañiz studies the politics of climate change, social inequality, disaster policy, and gender with a focus on Latin America and Latinx residents of the United States. Her research has been published in Global Environmental Politics, Journal of Cleaner Production, Water Policy, Environmental Science & Policy, World Politics, and the Latin American Research Review. Her book, Environmental and Nuclear Networks in the Global South: How Skills Shape International Cooperation, was published by Cambridge University Press. She received her PhD from the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University and a Licenciatura in International Relations from the Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina).

Project: It Takes a Village: Immigrants and Social Networks during the COVID-19 Crisis

Immigrants who do not meet federal relief criteria are a socially and economically vulnerable group that is unprotected from federal and state government in public health emergencies. Immigrant social networks are vital to reduce health and economic risks in the current COVID-19 pandemic. This research studies vulnerable immigrant peer-network responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the larger Washington DC metropolitan area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia or DMV). The project will document and explain how the social networks of recent immigrants in the DMV area substitute as a source of local and national government and public health. Study findings will carry normative implications for the civic and political engagement of noncitizen immigrants.

Areas of Interest

  • Latin American Politics
  • Gender Politics
  • Climate Inequality
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Latinx Politics
  • Climate Disaster Politics

Current Students

Former Students

Isabella Alcaniz
ialcaniz [at] umd.edu