CDCE has awarded a grant to the Residence Hall Association to help fund their efforts to increase the number of on-campus students who vote in the upcoming election season. Students living on campus face unique challenges when it comes to participating in elections. For instance, while the State Board of Elections mailed ballot applications to every registered voter, these ballot applications may not make it to students staying on campus if they are sent to their home address. Additionally, voting trends among student-aged populations suggest students may need support as many of them navigate the voting process for the first time. Many of the students in the residence halls are first-year students who have never voted.

To help on-campus students vote in the upcoming election, RHA will be hosting a number of virtual and in-person civic engagement events (adhering to all necessary social distancing guidelines in light of COVID-19) to promote civic participation. At these events, students will be incentivized to create voting plans with the ability to win prizes. In addition, RHA will assist students in requesting their ballot or provide them with envelopes and stamps to submit their ballot. RHA will also work to incentivize other forms of civic participation in addition to voting. CDCE is pleased to support this effort!

UMD Residence Hall Association